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SMAVOO is a full service provider for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions. We offer IoT devices, an IoT platform and ERP connectors to integrate SMAVOO into your IT landscape. Smart, simple and powerful.

Start now to enhance your processes and automate your factory, business or supply chain.

in your supply chain

SMAVOO IIoT devices can measure, collect or check data for your processes. Beautiful, powerful, and ready for use - a solution you’ll never outgrow.

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Smarter processes come with SMAVOO. Make your products, process or Supply Chain smarter with SMAVOO.

Big Data becomes
Smart Data

Use smart data to identify and target new customers, drive sales, optimize risk and become more efficient in your daily business operations.

Making the complex world simple.

The rapid changes in today’s world can have major consequences for all businesses. Increased competition and price pressure require effective processes and flexibility to run a profitable business. Being able to automate this processes and leverage the created data has a direct impact on your company’s profit, total risk and cash flow.

  • SMAVOO IIot Devices

    Get valuable insights through our powerful IIoT devices that can measure, analyze or collect data of your business. Increase your industry understanding with the SMAVOO solutions and stay one step ahead by keeping an eye on the latest data and information of your business.

  • Data Analytics

    We ensure that you have the highest quality of data. That goes for both your own data and the data that the SMAVOO IIoT devices provide. By analyzing and enhancing all relevant data, you can make well-founded decisions, feel confident about your business and streamline your marketing and sales activities.

  • SMAVOO Plattform

    To help you answer that question and extract the value from your connected devices, we built an powerful IoT platform. It helps you to collect data, make it easy to load and analyze that information, and provide the ability to manage your devices, so you can focus on enhancing your processes.

  • Digital Services

    We help digitize your business processes and services to power excellent customer journeys. We start by identifying and assessing the most valuable processes. Our deep industry and technical experience helps uncover the priority solutions that will create the biggest impact for your customers and business.

  • IT Consulting

    We help digitize end-to-end business processes and services to power excellent customer journeys.

  • Software Development

    Software applications make it possible to package an enhanced end-user experience, usability as well as productivity around products or processes. We have gained the expertise not only in developing products end to end but also developing innovative software applications leveraging the latest advancements in technology.

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